New Income Tax Cost Inflation Index for FY 2017-18

February 23, 2017 · Filed Under business · 3 Comments 

The Finance minister in his Budget Speech on Feb-01-2017, revised the Cost Inflation Index used by the Indian Income Tax Department to calculate Long Term Capital Gains Tax with Indexation benefit. The revision was shift in base year from 1981 to 2001. What does this mean ? This means any “asset” as defined by the Indian Income Tax department and which comes under the purview of Long Term Capital Gain [For Example – Real Estate] and if acquired before 2001, then for the purpose of determining the Indexed Cost of Acquisition, the base year henceforth will be 2001.

Let us illustrate with an example. Suppose you bought a Plot of Land in 1980 for Rs 10,000. You plan Read more

India Income Tax for FY2010-11

February 26, 2010 · Filed Under business · 3 Comments 

Here are the new Income Tax Rates for Indian Citizens for Financial Year April-1st 2010 to March-31st 2011. [See Chart Below]

In case of resident women (below 65 years of age) and resident senior citizens, the amount of INR 160,000 shall be replaced with INR 190,000 and INR 240,000, respectively. The proposed changes in tax slabs would result in (maximum) savings of INR 51,500. Read more