Indian Unemployment & Broken Job conundrum – Will Modi Govt Act ?

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India is likely to be characterised by an excess labour supply of ~70mn persons in FY20. From a sectoral perspective, even as the Agricultural and Industrial sectors deal with excess labour supply, the Services sector will be characterised by a shortage of adequately skilled workers.

Even if we assume that India’s real GDP continues to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% p.a. from FY17 until FY20, the supply of labour in India in FY20 at ~500mn persons is likely to exceed the number of jobs that the Indian economy can create at ~430mn. The mismatch Read more

Black Money crackdown set to Intensify

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As per state election results declared by the Election Commission on March 11, 2017 the BJP performed exceedingly well in the largest Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) where it managed to capture 77% of the seats. It is worth noting that this is a historic victory as is evident from the time-series data on the seat share and vote share captured by the winning party as compared with the previous UP elections.

Policy-making in India is likely to Read more

Will Modi Launch Universal Basic Income scheme in India ?

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The demonetisation move announced by the Narendra Modi led Government is creating a great deal of inconvenience for the electorate. We had therefore said that we expect the Government to consider launching a Universal Basic Income (UBI) scheme on a pilot basis in FY18.

What is the Concept of Universal Basic Income Scheme ?
Dr. Vijay Joshi in his recent book titled “India’s long road – The search for prosperity” expounds the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI). According to him, the current system of subsidy disbursements is extremely inefficient since the system has limited success in targeting the deserving and also suffers from leakages. He proposes that a basic income of about Read more

Indian Military Capabilities, Where Govt Needs to Spend ?

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India is among the top-five nations in the world in terms of military capability on most parameters. As per SIPRI, its defence spending was US$51bn in 2015, the sixth highest but significantly lower than the top-two globally with
the USA at US$596bn and China at US$215bn.

In terms of land systems, India has the fourth-highest number of heavy battle-ready tanks after Russia, China and the USA. At 1.3m, India’s active military personnel is the third highest in the world, while China has the highest number of active military personnel at 2.4m. India also has good missile capability with Prithvi missiles, for short-range (less than 600km) surface-to-surface attacks; Agni missiles, for long-range (up to 8,000km) surface-to-surface attacks; Akash and Trishul missiles, for surface-to-air attacks; and Dhanush missiles, for sea-to-sea and sea-to-surface attacks. Also, Brahmos missiles are cruise missiles with a range of 300km that can be launched from Read more

How to Download / Print Declassified files of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose ?

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The NetajiPapers website is developed by the Government of India’s Archive Department using Full of Javascript disabling even Right Clicks so that Users should visit the website everytime for information. However, the website is very poorly designed as the smallest file to View in Adobe Flash format is 30MB. So even if you want to see one document you are not sure which page it is and you will have to wait for the entire 30MB to 100MB or more of the Document size to load.

The Web has grown due to open architecture. We being Web Developers have figured out way to Download and Print Netaji Read more

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Declassified File List – Part -1

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Here is the First Part of the Complete 100 Files pertaining to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Declassified by the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shir Narendra Modi minutes ago on the birth anniversary of Shir Netaji. Since the official Website of NetajiPapers is not hosted on cloud, the website won’t scale like Gmail or twitter and is thus cracking under pressure. For your convenience, we are just hosting links to the files and request you to open and study only one file at a time so that others can also get a chance. Read more

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