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The Congress Government has produced some of the greatest scams of India. The CAG audit Report on Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi exposes the Politician [Ruling Party Congress] and Developer [GMR Infrastructure] nexus causing a huge loss to the National Exchequer to the tune of Rs 1,63,557 crore over 58 years.

The CAG Report Concludes as follows,

It was noted that the concept of upfront fee was used to lease out an additional land of 190.19 acres for a paltry one time payment of ` 6.19 crore. Other Government offices like Director General of Civil Aviation and Bureau of Aviation Security were given a much harsher treatment when 7.60 acres of land was leased out to them at a license fee of ` 2.41 crore per annum.

Ministry of Civil Aviation and later AERA allowed DIAL to collect Development Fees amounting to ` 3415.35 crore. The order of Ministry in February 2009 allowing that was in contravention of the OMDA, AAI Act and the AERA Act.

Contrary to the provisions of OMDA, DIAL was allowed to use the amount collected as Development Fees to meet the project costs. In fact, only 19 per cent of the project cost came from equity, approximately 42 per cent came from debt. The remaining project costs were met from security deposits and Development Fees.

Violation of tendering Process by Congress Government

It was also noted that against an equity contribution of ` 2450 crore, the JV was allowed rights of commercial exploitation of 240 acres of land. The land was valued by AERA at ` 24000 crore. The potential revenue from this land in license fee for 58 years was calculated by DIAL itself at ` 163557 crore out of which DIAL’s share would be ` 88337 crore.

Many observations in the present report would indicate that whenever DIAL raised an issue regarding revenue to accrue to it or expenditure to be debited to Government in contravention of the provisions of OMDA, the Ministry and AAI interpreted the provisions always in favour of the operators and against the interest of the Government.

You as a Citizen of India Read this report [PDF] and start using RTI to Fight Corruption in all these offices mentioned in the report. Let us put an end to Corrupt Regime of Politician, Bureaucrat and Businessmen Nexus ruining our country.


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