CAG Report on Ultra Mega Power Projects in India – Full Text

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Just minutes ago, the office of the CAG has made yet another report Public exposing the Misappropriations and Favors by the Ministry of Power while Auditing Ultra Mega Power Projects of India. Reliance Power of Anil Ambani is the major beneficiary apart from several other lapses in procedures challenged in the Supreme Court of India by various parties.

The Report Concluded as follows,

Audit has estimated the financial benefit that will accrue to the Project Developer on the basis of comparison of tariff of Sasan Project (` 1.196 per unit) with that of Chitrangi Project (` 2.450 for Madhya Pradesh and ` 3.702 for Uttar Pradesh). The overall financial benefit to Reliance Power Limited due to impact of the difference in tariff works out to `29,033 crores with a net present value of ` 11,852 crore

Full Text of CAG Audit Report on Ultra Mega Power Projects in India under Ministry of Power is as Follows

We are picking up from sources that the CAG Report will be tabled as further evidence against Reliance Power in the ongoing case in Supreme Court. File RTIs in Minsitry of Power and expose Corruption that was prevalent in the Government while awarding UMPPs.


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