Top 10 Frauds in Indian Banking Sector

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The Reserve Bank of India – RBI Maintains Data on Frauds on the basis of area of operation under which the frauds have been perpetrated. According to such data pertaining to the calendar year 2009, Top 10 Categories under which Frauds have been reported by banks (number wise and amount wise) are as follows,

Top 10 Categories of Fraud in the Indian Banking Sector [ Based on Number of Complaints]

  1. Credit Cards
  2. Deposits – Savings A/C
  3. Internet Banking
  4. Housing Loans
  5. Term Loans
  6. Cheque / Demand Drafts
  7. Cash Transactions
  8. Cash Credit A/C [Type of Overdraft A/C]
  9. Advances
  10. ATM / Debit Cards

Top 10 Categories of Fraud in Indian Banking Sector [Based on Amount involved in Fraud]

  1. Cash Credit
  2. Advances – Others
  3. Letter of Credit [Mostly issued to Corporates]
  4. Advances – Term Loans
  5. Bills – Purchase and Discounting
  6. Housing Loans
  7. Deposits – Current A/C
  8. Credit Card
  9. Deposits – Savings A/C
  10. Deposits – Term / Fixed


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  1. rajeev gupta on August 24th, 2010 17:17

    companies unable to service huge voLumes invoLved in credit card business have vanished image of the product in ndia
    80 to 90 defauLts out of
    100 arising in cards are resuLt of
    poor services


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