Will Kapil Sibal & Rahul Gandhi Ban Google for Showing Congress as Most Corrupt Political Party in World ?

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Breaking NewsThe World’s Most Successful Search Engine – Google which relies heavily on the truly democratic evaluation by its patented Page Rank Algorithm shows in its Search Results Page that Indian National Congress is the Most Corrupt Political Party in India and the World.

Evidence – 1
The following screen shot has been captured live on Google for the query “most corrupt political party in india” which ranks Indian National Congress at the Read more

UPA – Under Performing Alliance Reforms to End in August-2013

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The UPA Government led by the Corrupt Congress Party should be congratulated for destroying the India’s employment rate which has dipped to 38.6% in 2011-12 from a high rate of 42% which was at the end of BJP Regime in 2004-05.

Political experts are of the view that whilst a series of reforms are in the pipeline, barring the possibility of coal price pooling being approved, the other reforms are likely to have a limited impact on the real economy. The Corrupt Congress’ attention is now likely to Read more