PM’s Economic Adviser Trashes the PM & Policies – Can Dr. Singh Save the Disgraceful Exit in the Offing ?

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I am not quiet sure who is the brain behind the current state of Paralyzed affairs in the ruling Congress / UPA. However, it pains to see once upon a time the most sought after Economist, Dr Manmohan Singh getting a disgraceful exit from the post of Prime Minister of India and potentially the Worst End to his career.

Montek Singh, the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission openly opposed the Government’s move to file a revision petition against the 2G Telecom Spectrum Scam Order, but the arrogant government of Dr. Singh went ahead and will likely invite more embarrassment and insult.

Now, the World Renowned Economist and also Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister of India, Dr Raghuram Rajan has trashed and slammed Dr Singh’s Governance and Policies in the Open.

Dr. Rajan slammed the Prime Minister by saying,
On Corruption,

The revelations by the CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India) and in the Press in recent months should be taken as a sign of the capacity of the system for self-diagnosis and healing as much as it is of the corruption within.

On Policy Paralysis,

The deficiencies here (governance and regulation) are more alarming than the inadequacies of our roads, rail, ports and airports that we are in the process of addressing.

On Telecom Sector,

What is the point of having an independent judiciary to interpret the law and adjudicate disputes between the government and business if the government has no need to obey it

Trashes Dynasty Rule of Congress,

This must change. We need a new generation of leaders, not necessarily just the sons and daughters of politicians, but self-made people who bring energy and ideas to leadership, leaving the old discredited slogans behind.

Why is Dr Rajan’s Trashing of Dr. Singh Significant ?
Dr. Rajan as an Adviser to the PM of India would have corresponded to him in private and would have advised on policy matters on how to proceed and what is in the best interest of the nation and not the Congress party. However, it appears that the PMO may not be in mood to listen or Sardar’s hands tied by vested Politicians in Congress and thus the irked Dr. Rajan has criticized the Prime Minister in Public.

Dr Singh contributed so much to India, yet stood blind to the Hundreds of Billions of Dollar in Corruption Scandals right under his nose in his own Government by his own Men definitely deserves a disgraceful exit and probably more for letting India and her billion citizens down.


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