Modi’s Demonetisation Execution Failure will Cost BJP Uttar Pradesh Assembly

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The Opinion poll survey conducted by Lokniti-CSDS on the upcoming Uttar Pradesh (UP) election in Feb-Mar 2017 suggests that no single party will be able to get a majority on its own in a 404-seat assembly. The survey hints that the BJP might finish at number two in the total seat tally. Since the last survey done in August 2016, nothing seems to have changed in Uttar Pradesh (UP) when it comes to the assembly election results. The ruling Samajwadi Party (SP) is still leading in terms of vote share and seat share but none of them is in a position to Read more

Will Modi Launch Universal Basic Income scheme in India ?

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The demonetisation move announced by the Narendra Modi led Government is creating a great deal of inconvenience for the electorate. We had therefore said that we expect the Government to consider launching a Universal Basic Income (UBI) scheme on a pilot basis in FY18.

What is the Concept of Universal Basic Income Scheme ?
Dr. Vijay Joshi in his recent book titled “India’s long road – The search for prosperity” expounds the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI). According to him, the current system of subsidy disbursements is extremely inefficient since the system has limited success in targeting the deserving and also suffers from leakages. He proposes that a basic income of about Read more

NHAI / REC Reduce Interest Rates on 54EC Capital Gain Tax Exemption Bonds

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Breaking NewsKeeping in mind the reducing trend in interest rates on FDs and other fixed income securities after the Demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes by the most respected Government of India, both REC and NHAI have decided to reduce the rate of interest for 54EC Capital Gain Tax Exemption bonds wef 01.12.2016. The new rate of interest for these bonds will be 5.25 % per annum. The amount invested in REC 54EC Capital Gain Tax Exemption Bonds where the amount of investment is credited in REC’s Collection Accounts on or after 1st December, 2016 and where deemed date of allotment for the bonds is 31st December, 2016 or a later date, the coupon/ interest rate will be 5.25 % per annum.

Capital Gains Bond After Real Estate / Property Sale
These Capital Gains Bonds are very popular with Indians after selling their Real Estate / Property Read more

Rs 500 + Rs 1000 Currency Ban – Modi Corners Corrupt Congress Politicians / Bureaucrats

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Discontinuing usage of either of Rs 500 or Rs 1000 notes can significantly increase the physical risks of holding black money [What we have seen is, weight of Rs 1 Crore in the form of hard cash rises from 12kgs to 100kgs if the denomination of the sum is changed from 1,000-Rupee notes to 100-Rupee notes]. In line with these expectations, the Government banned Rs500 and Rs1,000 notes. Modi-led NDA Government is committed to the crackdown on black money.

The Key takeaways from this call of demonetizing existing currency notes – (1) this move reflects the NDA’s strong resolve to curb Read more

India all Set to Migrate to 4 Slab GST from April 2017

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The GST Council agreed on the crucial GST tax rates, which were broadly in line with the structures discussed at the October meeting. The April 1, 2017 deadline for its implementation seems achievable now.

The GST Council has agreed on GST tax slabs for various goods and services: (1) 0% for essential goods and services including food items, education, and healthcare, (2) 5% as threshold rate for goods such as textiles, (3) 12% as a lower rate for goods and services, (4) 18% as the standard GST rate, (5) 28% as higher rate for luxury items including consumer durables and some Read more

Indian Military Capabilities, Where Govt Needs to Spend ?

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India is among the top-five nations in the world in terms of military capability on most parameters. As per SIPRI, its defence spending was US$51bn in 2015, the sixth highest but significantly lower than the top-two globally with
the USA at US$596bn and China at US$215bn.

In terms of land systems, India has the fourth-highest number of heavy battle-ready tanks after Russia, China and the USA. At 1.3m, India’s active military personnel is the third highest in the world, while China has the highest number of active military personnel at 2.4m. India also has good missile capability with Prithvi missiles, for short-range (less than 600km) surface-to-surface attacks; Agni missiles, for long-range (up to 8,000km) surface-to-surface attacks; Akash and Trishul missiles, for surface-to-air attacks; and Dhanush missiles, for sea-to-sea and sea-to-surface attacks. Also, Brahmos missiles are cruise missiles with a range of 300km that can be launched from Read more

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