NaMo Corruption Free, Governance Needs Improvement, Land Acquisition Bill on Hold

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Policy experts in Delhi highlight that the BJP’s loss at the assembly election in Delhi which concluded on 10th February marks Modi’s first electoral defeat ever since he entered active politics and is likely to have a bearing on policy dynamics going forward especially given that a series of critical State elections including Bihar are
scheduled in the next 15 months.

Bureaucrats who have been part of the Corrupt Congress Government and are now working in influential positions with the new Government make the point that the key difference between the old setup and the new one is that senior officials and politicians are genuinely making no additional money and bribe-taking has come to a halt under the NaMo led BJP Government.

Narendra Modi is unlikely to respond to this defeat by increasing the quantum of subsidies that the Central Government opts for, Modi is likely to delay the passage of the Land Acquisition ordinance which is seen as anti farmer. [We have already Criticized Modi bowing down to the pressure of Realty Dons who are both BJP & Congress Local Politicians. Another Anti-Public Stand by the Modi Government was to disguise Land Grabbing under SEZ]

The results are likely to embolden the opposition hence the success of the upcoming Budget Session will hinge critically over the Modi Government’s floor management skills


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