Congress Party’s First Son-In-Law – Robert Vadra & DLF Real Estate Nexus Exposed

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A day doesn’t pass in India without unearthing Scams of the Congress and its UPA allies [DMK 2G Scam, NCP – Irrigation Scam, etc] Arvind Kejriwal of India Against Corruption and Prashant Bhushan, Sr. Advocate of the Honorable Supreme Court of India have released Chartered Accountant Certified Copies of how Robert Vadra [Son In Law of Sonia Gandhi] has amassed wealth in the last 4 years dealing with DLF – India’s Largest Real Estate Company.

Robert Vadra by virtue of his Mother’s Scottish origin got be the Son-In-Law of Sonia Gandhi, Leader of the Congress Party which is sort of Owned by the Gandhi Family. According to various insiders, DLF’s Gurgaon was Rajiv Gandhi’s blessing to Kushpal Singh [Founder Promoter of DLF] DLF is a company whose IPO was a Scam. DLF also involved in real estate price rigging in Delhi as decided by the Regulator, CCI.

The Politician Real Estate Developer Nexus in India: For any Real Estate project to take off, the Developer requires more than 20 different permissions from various Government Offices. Thus, Developers choose a Politician to get these clearances and commands his share. Also powerful central government politicians help the Developer il-legally acquire vast tracts of land and thus comes the blessing. Every big Real Estate Company in India is backed by a Politician so called Law Makers.

What is the Robert Vadra & DLF Scam ?
Robert Vadra’s wealth has grown exponentially in 3 years. Here is the Details of the il-lgeal Wealth Robert Vadra has amassed from DLF,

  • 50% share in Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, Saket, New Delhi – Robert Vadra doesn’t know anything of Hotel Business, why did he get 50% share at just 1/10th the Market Value ? – Rs 300 Cr
  • 10,000 sqft Penthouse in DLF Aralias, Gurgaon – Worth Rs 40 Cr at current market value
  • 7 Apartments¬† in DLF Magnolia, Gurgaon – Worth Rs 105 Cr
  • Apartment in DLF Capital Greens, Delhi – Rs 5 Cr
  • Plot in Greater Kailash II, New Delhi – Atleast worth Rs 5 Cr
  • 161 Acres of land in Bikaner – Current Market Value – Rs 161 Cr
  • 6 additional land properties in Bikaner – UNKNOWN
  • 1 property of land in Manesar – UNKNOWN
  • 1 property of land in Palwal – Unknown
  • 2 properties of land in Hayyatpur Gurgaon
  • 6 properties of land in Hassanpur
  • 2 properties of land in Mewat (Haryana)

In our View Robert vadra owns atleast Rs 1,000 Cr of Real Estate [ Rs 616 Cr is as Totaled above, for the rest market value is unknown] You can view the Details yourself [PDF] as Certified by Khurana & Khurana Chartered Accountants bearing Membership No 87524.

This explains why Politicians / Law Makers put Pressure of Finance Minister to Withdraw the Real Estate Transaction Tax which FM had levied in the Budget.


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